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Axium Foods, A Division of McCleary, Inc.
Axium Foods Logo.png
Type Private Company
Industry Snack food
Headquarters South Beloit, IL

Key people

Jim Himmel, Vice President & General Manager
Mike Hartman, Director of Operations
Website www.axiumfoods.com

Axium Foods, Inc., a division of McCleary, Inc., is a manufacturer of corn-based snack products, including plain and flavored tortilla chips, corn chips, puffed cheese snacks, and crunchy cheese snacks.

Headquartered in South Beloit, IL, it is a private label snack food manufacturer and the maker of Pajeda’s snacks.


Eugene “Mac” McCleary graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from Michigan State University class of 1942. He enlisted in the Navy during World War II and was stationed in Beloit, WI, where he was head of government inspection for submarine engines being built at Fairbanks Morse.

After the war, Mac was offered a job at Adams Corporation, a fledgling company formed to manufacture and distribute the Korn Kurl, a new snack food that was invented on a local dairy farm. Mac worked with Adams Corporation for 15 years as their Director of Manufacturing and was instrumental in the development of continuous production of this new snack food.

Mac started his own private label snack food company on November 22, 1960, and called it McCleary Industries, which would later[when?] be renamed to McCleary, Inc. and then Axium Foods, Inc.

In the year 2000, Axium Foods created Pajeda’s, its first branded line of tortilla chips and snacks. In 2010, Pajeda’s introduced Fiesta Crunch, a line of tortilla chips and potato poppers.

In November 2010, Axium Foods celebrated 50 years in business.[1] Mac McCleary died in 2007, but the company remains family-owned and operated.[2]

In March 2012, Axium Foods introduced the brand Mystic Harvest,[3] including tortilla chips made with purple corn.

Environmental sustainability[edit]

Axium Foods has a full wastewater treatment plant that includes an anaerobic digester. That process creates methane gas, and while the company currently[when?] flares that gas, it is exploring ways to recapture it and/or generate electricity with it. The company also takes any dry waste created from producing its corn-based snacks and sells it as cattle feed to a local farmer, keeping the dry waste out of landfills.[4] Raw materials for their snacks, primarily corn and flavorings, come from local farmers and ingredient companies.[5]


  • Pajeda’s Tortilla Chips
  • Pajeda’s Puffed Cheese and Crunchy Cheese snacks
  • Pajeda’s Party Mix
  • Pajeda’s Corn Chips
  • Pajeda’s Onion Rings

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External links[edit]

  • Axium Foods Official Website
  • Pajeda’s Website

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  • Intro: Axium FoodsAxium Foods, A Division of McCleary, Inc.TypePrivate CompanyIndustrySnack foodHeadquartersSouth Beloit, ILKey peopleJim Himmel, Vice President & General ManagerMike Hartman, Director of OperationsWebsitewww.axiumfoods.com Axium Foods, Inc., a division of McCleary, Inc., is a manufacturer of corn-based snack products, including plain and flavored tortilla chips, corn chips, puffed cheese snacks, and…
  • Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axium_Foods

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Who makes the wavy potato chips for Clancy?

Nutrition information and analysis for Clancy’s, wavy potato chips made by the Aldi-Benner Company. Daily values are based on a diet of 2,000 calories.

Who is Clancy’s owner?

Today, Clancy’s remains a family-run establishment run by Brad and Sue Hollingsworth and Brian and Mary Larson. Under Brad’s ownership, Clancy’s has grown into one of the top suppliers of traditional Creole cuisine and has accumulated a wine cellar that is widely regarded as one of the finest in New Orleans.

Which brands of potato chips are available at Aldi’s?

With deep ridges and the ideal amount of salt, Clancy’s classic Wavy Potato Chips pair well with your preferred dip, whether it be salsa, sour cream and onion, or dill dip.

Who manufactures the superior potato chips?

Despite the fact that this was our saltiest test yet, only five brands can be deemed Test Kitchen-Preferred.

  • Best Classic Potato Chips. Utz Original Potato Chips. When you want a satisfying classic potato chip, look no further than Utz Original Potato Chips. …
  • Best Ripple Chips. Ruffles. …
  • Best Kettle Chips. Dirty Potato Chips.

What is the oldest brand of potato chips?

The Dayton, Ohio-based Mikesell’s Potato Chip Company, founded in 1910, identifies as the “oldest potato chip company in the United States”.

Who makes chips for sprinters?

The Sprinters snack range includes crinkle and thin-cut potato chips, with traditional flavors such as original and sour cream & onion available. Sprinters is an exclusive brand of chips, snacks, and crackers sold by ALDI.

What potato chip is the best-selling one?

It is safe to say that Lay’s is the most popular potato chip brand in the world as it was chosen as the official USA Snack at the 2022 FIFA World Cup and Frito-Lay products, including Lay’s Chips, rank #1 in every category, including quality, flavor, and preference.

What is the most popular chip worldwide?

Top choice: Lay’s. Among the many flavors of Lay’s chips are barbecue, sour cream and onion, salt and pepper, and ham.

What is the oldest brand of chips?

New England-based Tri-Sum Potato Chips, founded in 1908 as the Leominster Potato Chip Company in Leominster, Massachusetts, claim to be America’s first potato chip manufacturer. The Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Company, based in Dayton, Ohio, claims to be the “oldest potato chip company in the United States.”

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