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How does Suvie make her meals?

When Suvie is ready to cook your food, the water in the jacket heats up and starts to multitask, cooking the protein and vegetables at the top of the Suvie using sous vide and steam, respectively, before filling the starch compartment to cook what you have in there.

How does a Suvie operate?

Relax while your Suvie cooks for you, whether you’re planning ahead or need dinner in 25 minutes, then when dinner is ready, you can finish everything off with a quick broil to crisp up your proteins and vegetables. Suvie features two revolutionary cooking modes that provide hands-free cooking.

Is there a kitchen in Suvie?

What kinds of my own food can I cook in Suvie? You can sous vide the ideal steak, bake a delectable cheesecake, roast a casserole, perfectly steam your favorite vegetables, reheat leftovers, and even slowly cook tough meats or soups.

What is the Suvie’s price?

Suvie Cool-to-Cook Kitchen Robot & Starch Cooker, Extra Set of Pans & Accessory Bundle Included. Starting at 6/month* with Affirm. Suvie Cool-to-Cook Kitchen Robot & Starch Cooker, Extra Set of Pans & Accessory Bundle Included.

What are the drawbacks of cooking sous vide?

This step is skipped when cooking sous vide, which eliminates the char grilled flavor from food. When browning, especially in a cast iron pan, the intense heat develops natural sugars and caramelization producing concentrated flavors throughout the cooking process.

Do you have to provide Suvie with food?

When I order my Suvie appliance, when will I receive it? You can use Suvie without our Smart Meal service, you can sign up for Suvie Meals at any time, and you can continue to enjoy your Suvie with your own ingredients and meals.

In how many meals does a Suvie box contain?

We do offer additional discounts the more meals added to each delivery, helping to bring the cost per serving even lower. Each of our Suvie meals comes in either 2 or 4 servings, and the standard minimum meal requirement is 4 meals per delivery.

What are the prices of the Suvie meals?

Suvie offers three different meal box options: Flex Plan, which has 20 meals per box and costs $0.00/serving every 2, 4, or 6 weeks; Protein Box Plan, which has 44 (19), 28 (55), or 20 (38) servings per box and costs $0.00/serving every 4 weeks.

The Suvie toasts, right?

Suvie Cook Settings: Divide toast among plates and broil bread in the oven or in a toaster while seasoning spinach with salt and pepper to taste.

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