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Kirkland Toilet Paper? (Answered with Details)

who makes kirkland toilet paper

The Kirkland brand is popular for its affordable yet quality products created for Costco. One of them is the Kirkland Signature toilet paper, which is soft and strong, unlike other brands.

But wait, who’s the manufacturer of this renowned product?

There is much speculation about who makes Kirkland toilet paper, but the corporation never reveals its suppliers, legally imposing the privilege of trade secrets. It is a way of protecting their sales from competitors.

The Truth About Costco Toilet Paper: Who Makes Costco Toilet Paper?


America holds the title of being the highest consumer of toilet tissue; each of them is estimated to use at least 140 rolls per year. Guess what? Costco stores are their go-to for this product. Their private label, the Kirkland brand, is known for this exact commodity.

And it is not just the United States that has access to Kirkland. Countries such as Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, and other countries in Asia have Costco stores that people visit because of toilet paper.

The Kirkland Signature toilet paper comes in two kinds: Kirkland Bath Tissue and Kirkland Premium Towel. People love both because they contain many sheets that don’t shred easily.

  • During the pandemic, there was a rumor that Clearwater Paper Corporation was one of the suppliers of the Kirkland signature toilet paper for Costco. Still, the latter never confirmed if this was true or not—and we don’t think that they ever will!
  • Furthermore, the Lewiston Plant is also rumored as one of the manufacturers of Kirkland toilet paper.
  • But we know that Costco doesn’t have any facilities to manufacture toilet tissue and paper towels by itself—let alone a huge number of them—so the corporation must have different suppliers for their paper rolls.

We can imagine that different manufacturers bid to be chosen by Costco, but of course, all of the suppliers must meet the technical standards that the company sets that make Kirkland toilet paper good to use.

Where Does Kirkland Toilet Paper Source Its Wood Pulp?

Costco’s Kirkland toilet paper is made from wood pulp from 100% virgin forest fibers in Canada, specifically from boreal forests.

This has raised a question if Kirkland is a sustainable toilet paper brand because it is made from important forests, and creating Costco’s tissue is also adding to deforestation.

Why Does Costco Hide Their Kirkland Toilet Tissue Manufacturer?


Costco uses its legal standpoint of trade secrets to protect its product manufacturers, including the Kirkland paper towels and bath tissue. A trade secret is too crucial for this company because it is among their advantages.

Costco’s sales of tissue paper are $400 million every year, and it manages to maintain this by ensuring everything in the manufacturing processes—such as the ingredients and materials of the Kirkland brand—is kept secret.

If competing brands get ahold of Costco’s confidential information about their high-quality products, then that will jeopardize their market strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where Is Kirkland Toilet Paper Made?

Some are probably wondering, “Where is Costco toilet paper made?” If they can’t reveal the manufacturer, maybe they can tell the location where they create the products.

According to sources, the Kirkland bath tissue is manufactured in the United States and the paper towels are made in Canada. But for obvious reasons, we also don’t know who the Canadian supplier is.

Are They Any Good?

Costco makes a lot of sales in toilet paper due to high demand despite many competitors such as Sam’s Club and Charmin.

This is because Kirkland has good quality toilet paper; it’s tough but comfortable when used to wipe. Moreover, it has a good price since they sell them in bundles, allowing people to save money.

The company even had to limit the purchase of paper towels and toilet tissue during the pandemic to avoid stockpiling. This also made Costco change their toilet paper, particularly by reducing the sheets in a roll to have enough supply for the consumers.

Is Kirkland Toilet Paper the Same as Charmin?

The Kirkland toilet paper is often compared with the ones made by Charmin because of their quality. These brands compete at a store, but they are not the same.

While Charmin’s bath tissues can be softer and more durable compared to Kirkland’s, they tend to clog septic systems. Kirkland Signature bath tissue, on the other hand, is comfortable, durable, and septic safe.

In Kirkland toilet paper vs Charmin, Kirkland wins because of the cost, especially when on sale. You can get Kirkland’s in packages and they have more sheets per roll!

Is Kirkland Toilet Paper Better Than Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club toilet paper, “Member’s Mark,” is going head to head with Costco’s. What makes Kirkland toilet paper comparable to Sam’s is the price and the great value that you get.

However, Costco’s Kirkland toilet paper wins in this round because, aside from the great quality, it has lower cost. Sam’s Club toilet paper costs $1.72 per 1000 sheets, but Costco’s only costs $1.25.

Who Is Clearwater Paper Corporation?

One of the rumored manufacturers of the Kirkland toilet papers is Clearwater Paper Corporation, which is a private-label tissue manufacturer. They also make other products for feminine care and baby care such as diaper liners.

Clearwater Paper Corporation adheres to sustainable practices such as ensuring that their products are made from renewable sources to be environmentally friendly.

Are There Other Speculated Manufacturers for Kirkland Toilet Paper?

The Kimberly-Clark Corporation, or better known as Kimberly Clark, manufactures Kirkland Signature Diapers. Since they also make toilet paper, it is possible that they also supply Costco with toilet tissues.

How much does the Costco toilet paper cost?

When sold in a bundle, the price of Costco toilet is a bargain. You can get 30 rolls of their bath tissue with 425 sheets for as low as $26.99, and they are septic safe so you won’t have to worry about clogs in your system.


The Kirkland label by Costco is known for its toilet paper because it offers fine quality tissue and towels at an affordable price compared to other brands. However, the identity of who makes Kirkland toilet paper is unknown, because Costco protects manufacturer identities.

Although there is a rumor that Clearwater Paper Corporation is among the company’s suppliers, this was never confirmed since it would take away the advantage that Costco has against its competitors, such as Charmin and Sam’s Club.

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Who manufactures Kirkland toilet paper?

Due to the sheer volume of Kirkland toilet paper sales, Costco likely sources the product from an extensive source of suppliers, including Clearwater Paper Corporation, although Costco protects manufacturer identities under the legal doctrine of trade secrets.

Is Charmin and Kirkland toilet paper interchangeable?

Kirkland brand is acceptable in a pinch; it is noticeably thinner than Cottonelle and Charmin, but slightly thicker than Scott or generic brands.

Is Kirkland tissue a wise investment?

Similar to facial tissues, don’t buy Kirkland toilet paper because it only provides mediocre strength, according to Consumer Reports. The customer reviews on Consumer Reports aren’t any better, and the majority are in the one star category.

Kirkland tissue is produced where?

Despite having its headquarters in Irving, Texas, Kimberly-Clark still manufactures its goods in Neehah, Wisconsin, which means that Kirkland tissues, which are the Kleenex brand, are probably produced by this company.

Why does Costco no longer carry Kirkland?

Due to issues with device rechargeability, Costco stopped selling its Sonova-produced Kirkland Signature 10.0 (KS10) hearing aid, as was first reported by HearingTracker in October.

Why is the Kirkland brand so inexpensive?

It sells everything in bulk

It sells almost everything in bulk for that reason, which also benefits its profits in the long run. Customers approach a shopping trip to Costco differently than the average grocery store. There is the mentality to “stock up” on items because they are cheap, which can lead to overbuying.

What is the best brand of toilet paper?

The Best Toilet Paper: Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Extra Soft & Strong is our new favorite after testing and retesting three dozen toilet papers over the course of ten months. We still recommend Charmin Ultra Strong as a super-soft, low-lint conventional toilet paper, and we recommend Amazon’s Presto!

What does Kirkland mean?

Costco recently moved to Issaquah, but Sinegal claimed that since nobody could spell Issaquah, they decided to keep the name. In 1995, Costco took all of its private label products and gave them a single brand name: Kirkland Signature.

What is the oldest brand of toilet paper?

The Scott Paper Company was the first business to market rolls of tissue intended solely for use as toilet paper, and their ground-breaking invention forever altered how people used toilet paper.

What brand of toilet paper do plumbers suggest?

Plumbers typically advise using 1-ply toilet paper because it breaks down more quickly and even if you have to use more to make up for the thinner composition, it still works to keep your pipes clear.

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