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How many Starbucks stores are there in the United States?

There are 15,836 Starbucks stores in the United States as of December 05, 2022. The state with the most number of Starbucks locations in the US is California, with 3,057 stores, which is about 19% of all Starbucks stores in the US.


States and Territories

Map of Starbucks stores in the United States

How can I download a list of Starbucks stores in the United States into Excel?

You can download the complete list of 15,836 Starbucks locations data as an Excel file, along with geo-coded addresses, phone numbers and open hours from our data store.

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Top 10 States with the most Starbucks stores




A store for every 12,925 people, in California with about 19% of the total number of Starbucks stores




A store for every 22,033 people, in Texas with about 8% of the total number of Starbucks stores




A store for every 25,846 people, in Florida with about 5% of the total number of Starbucks stores

State / Territory Number of
Population Population per store
3,057 (19%)
39.51M 12.93K
1,316 (8%)
29.00M 22.03K
831 (5%)
21.48M 25.85K
746 (5%)
7.62M 10.21K
New York
683 (4%)
19.45M 28.48K
662 (4%)
12.67M 19.14K
556 (4%)
7.28M 13.09K
498 (3%)
5.76M 11.56K
486 (3%)
8.54M 17.56K
476 (3%)
11.69M 24.56K

There are Starbucks stores in 54 states and territories in the United States

States and Territories
without any Starbucks stores

states and territories
have any Starbucks stores

  • Guam
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • American Samoa

There are 4 states and territories without Starbucks stores in the United States

Cities with the most
number of
Starbucks stores in
the United States

City State / Territory Number of Locations
New York New York 196
Chicago Illinois 181
Las Vegas Nevada 168
Los Angeles California 162
Houston Texas 148
San Diego California 135
Seattle Washington 130
Phoenix Arizona 116
Denver Colorado 109
Dallas Texas 105

Starbucks vs competitors

Number of locations Number of States Number of cities
Dunkin’ 9,538

locations than


states than


cities than

Panera Bread 2,166

locations than


states than


cities than

Sheetz 672

locations than


states than


cities than

Tim Hortons 626

locations than


states than


cities than

Caribou Coffee 486

locations than


states than


cities than

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Download the complete database of
Starbucks Locations in USA

You can download the full list of Starbucks locations used for this analysis
our data
Here is
a random sample of 10 records for you to look at the
and the data that




State / Territory

Zip Code






Last Updated Date

Target Sausalito 3240 180 Donahue Street Sausalito CA 94965 415-944-5540 37.87389 -122.51102 180 Donahue Street, Sausalito, CA, 94965 USA 2022-12-05
Target Sacramento 310 2505 Riverside Blvd Sacramento CA 95818 916-444-0993 38.56276 -121.49852 2505 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95818 USA 2022-12-05
Target Tucker 1390 4241 Lavista Rd Tucker GA 30084 770-270-5375 33.84465 -84.24549 4241 Lavista Rd, Tucker, GA, 30084 USA 2022-12-05
Hy-Vee Macomb 1420 1600 East Jackson Macomb IL 61455 309-837-9917 40.46024 -90.64834 1600 East Jackson, Macomb, IL, 61455 USA 2022-12-05
Target Eagle Creek 881 6925 W 38th St Indianapolis IN 46254 317-329-1034 39.82161 -86.27969 6925 W 38th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46254 USA 2022-12-05
Target Omaha 2010 6600 N 72nd St Omaha NE 68122 402-573-2220 41.31534 -96.02578 6600 N 72nd St, Omaha, NE, 68122 USA 2022-12-05
Kroger Liberty Township 439 5250 Newtown Dr Hamilton OH 45011 39.4221 -84.45799 5250 Newtown Dr, Hamilton, OH, 45011 USA 2022-12-05
Target Edmond 1398 1200 E 2nd St Edmond OK 73034 405-844-5072 35.65037 -97.46386 1200 E 2nd St, Edmond, OK, 73034 USA 2022-12-05
Target Tomball 1904 14302 Fm 2920 Tomball TX 77377 281-255-6820 30.09189 -95.63921 14302 Fm 2920, Tomball, TX, 77377 USA 2022-12-05
Target Kernersville 2134 1024 S Main St Kernersville NC 27284 336-992-1680 36.1097 -80.09933 1024 S Main St, Kernersville, NC, 27284 USA 2022-12-05

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dataset as JSON, Esri Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML (Google Earth) or any other custom
format at an additional cost per format.


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Frequently Asked Questions About is there a starbucks in all 50 states

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Which states don’t have Starbucks?

States and territories where there are no Starbucks locations

  • Guam.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Northern Mariana Islands.
  • American Samoa.

How many nations are there Starbucks in?

80 nations

Does America have Starbucks everywhere?

The company operated 33,833 stores as of November 2021, with 15,444 of those being in the United States.

Which state is the largest Starbucks market?

Starbucks Most Popular In California With 3,033 locations nationwide, California has the most Starbucks locations, followed by Texas with 2,776 locations and New York with 2,541 locations.

Which Starbucks in the US is the busiest?

According to Troy Alstead at an investor event (more details below), New York Times Square Starbucks and 1912 Pike Place Starbucks frequently rank #1 and #2 for sales volume in the entire Starbucks corporation, with six million in annual AUV and five and a half million, respectively.

Why is there no Starbucks in Italy?

The coffee experience for Italians is much more intimate and personal than what any Starbucks store would be able to offer. It is about “slow food” as opposed to the American “fast food,” so it is likely that the Starbucks model would not succeed in Italy, despite being inspired by Italian culture.

Does Japan have a Starbucks?

Starbucks enjoys tremendous success in Japan and is the leading coffee shop brand by the number of locations as of October 2022. The company kept on increasing the number of its facilities in the country despite the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which nation doesn’t have a Starbucks?

There are Starbucks all over the world (even in countries where people drink tea, like China), and I’m sure that anyone reading this article knows about them, has been to one, or knows of someone who has. However, Italy is one country where you won’t find a single Starbucks.

Has Starbucks surpassed McDonald’s in size?

With more than 15,000 locations nationwide, Starbucks comes in second on the list. Despite a difficult 2020, the coffee chain managed to rebound in 2021, generating more than 4 billion in sales. The legendary burger chain McDonald’s comes in third, with more than 13,000 locations nationwide.

Which is larger, Starbucks or McDonald’s?

The only chains bigger than the coffee giant, McDonald’s and Subway, are falling behind Starbucks in terms of store count as it continues to expand.

Who produces more, Starbucks or Chick-fil-A?

Why a restaurant that is closed on Sundays makes more per restaurant than any other fast food restaurant in the nation is unclear, but Chick-fil-A makes more per restaurant than McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Subway combined.

What is more valuable, Chick-fil-A or Starbucks?

According to the report, Chick-fil-A made 1.3 billion in sales in 2019. Starbucks came in second place with 1.4 billion in US sales, and McDonald’s took first place with a staggering 0.4 billion.

What is America’s top fast food chain?

McDonald’s, which operates in 118 countries and has 40,000 restaurants worldwide, is by far the most well-known fast food chain in the United States.

Which fast food restaurant is the most favored?

This graphic uses information from a report on America’s top 50 fast food chains by Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Magazine to show that McDonald’s is still the most well-known fast food brand in the country today, with 6 billion in systemwide sales in the previous year.

What eatery has the highest rating worldwide?

Le Bernardin has been named the best restaurant in the world by La Liste, a ranking system for the top 1,000 restaurants in the world. NEW YORK, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/

Which waitresses in restaurants earn the most money?

The highest paying waiter jobs in the United States, according to ZipRecruiter, are for fine-dining servers, who make an average salary of $1,248 annually and significantly more through tips and bonuses.

What restaurant has the worst reputation?

Burger King is the most despised restaurant in the United States, with 15 states on this list.

Do attractive waitresses receive higher tips?

Yes, according to research, regardless of the quality of the service, more attractive waitresses receive higher tips than less attractive waitresses.

What is the smallest salary a waitress can expect?

You must pay your tipped employees at least the federally mandated minimum wage of.13 per hour, which is.13 per hour for servers and other tipped employees.

What style of hair should a waitress wear?

Your hair can be long while working as a waitress, but it must be tied up in a ponytail, braid, bun, or other style to keep it out of the way and prevent it from coming into contact with the food you are serving.

Do blonds receive higher tips?

The effect of hair color on tipping according to patron’s gender was measured and waitresses were instructed to wear blonde, red, brown, or dark colored wigs. It was discovered that waitresses wearing blonde wigs received more tips, but only from male customers.

Can you support yourself as a waitress?

The average monthly wage for waitresses in California is,578, but even though it employs the most waitresses, it does not place among the top five states for pay.

Can a waiter make $100,000 annually?

No, you cannot make $00,000 a year as a waitress. Even waitresses in higher-paid positions rarely make more than $9,000 a year on average, making it extremely unlikely for waitresses to make over $00,000.

Who makes more money: the host or the waitress?

Pay Differencesbr> br> However, hostesses receive their pay in the form of an hourly wage, while waitresses typically receive a small hourly wage plus tips from diners, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reported average annual pay of?4,800? for hostesses and?7,470? for waitresses as of 2020.

Can servers have nails on?

The FDA Food Code regulations regarding food handlers’ fingernails also forbid artificial nails and all forms of nail art, so any nail products, including gel, acrylics, and all artificial nails or extensions, would be prohibited.

Which hair color is the most lucrative?

Bald men, to the tune of 63%, report earning less than guys with a full head of hair. While most of these personal statistics are clear-cut: taller, fatter, blonde or bald for example? apparently, even ugly is pretty easy to agree on. Blonde women earn 70 more on average than brunettes and redheads.

Why do blondes seem worn out?

Going blonde requires using peroxide (bleach), which is always harsh on your hair; in fact, the lighter the blonde shade you’re after, the longer the peroxide has to stay on your hair, and the more damage it causes. Unfortunately, color processing can cause hair damage and breakage, especially for blondes.

Which hair color is the rarest?

According to Dr. Kaplan, red is the most uncommon hair color because there are so few MC1R variants that are linked to the hue. “If a person has two of these three variants, they almost certainly have red hair,” she says.

Which hair color best represents intelligence?

Blonde women were marginally less likely to fall into the lowest IQ category and marginally more likely to fall into the highest category than women with other hair colors.

Why do most blondes change to brown skin?

However, some children with light hair, including redheads, strawberry blonds, towhead blonds, and dishwater blonds, see their hair turn dark brown by the age of ten because, according to some research, the amount of eumelanin in your hair increases as you get older.

Do people with dark hair seem healthier?

Thick, glossy strands go a long way toward making hair look healthy?even when it’s not. “Because the hairs are thicker naturally, dark hair is better at camouflaging damage than light hair; it weighs down flyaways and split ends,” notes Adrian Wallace, senior colorist at Rita Hazan Salon in NYC.

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