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Jenn-Air Cooktop Repair – How to replace the Infinite Switch …
Cooktop Glass Main Top: Fast Shipping

Jenn Air Glass Main Top

Item # 1557754

Grid is 1 inch square

Glass Main Top - Part # 1557754 Mfg Part # W10239357

Main glass cooktop, black.

OEM Part – Manufacturer #W10239357

Oversize Part – Special Shipping Required


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Jenn Air Cooktop Glass Main Top: Fast Shipping

Jenn Air Cooktop Glass Main Top: Fast Shipping

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  • Intro: Jenn Air Cooktop Glass Main Top: Fast ShippingJenn Air Glass Main TopItem # 1557754Grid is 1 inch squareMain glass cooktop, black.OEM Part – Manufacturer #W10239357Oversize Part – Special Shipping Required$1115.22Order by 8:00 PM ET, this part ships TODAY!Quantity:In Stock ›Add to Cart
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Can the glass cooktop be replaced alone?

You don’t need to purchase a new stove if you need to replace your glass cooktop because you can do it yourself.

How is a glass cooktop replaced?

Remember that installation must be done by a licensed tradesperson; if not, this will void all warranties and will void insurance in the event of a fire caused by any electrical faults. Installing an electric cooktop may seem like an easy job, but it’s crucial that you don’t try and do it yourself.

Can you change the cooktop on your own?

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How much does it cost to have a stove’s glass top replaced?

For small cracks, you might be able to replace the glass-ceramic surface, but larger ones will call for a new cooktop.

Can you still cook on a cooktop with cracked glass?

Grills, griddles, and woks are a few examples of stove accessories that are interchangeable for the original four burners on some cooktops. These can slide over two of the main burners or sit in the middle of your stovetop between all four burners.

Cooktops can they be switched out?

Cooktop, stove, and oven hoods are relatively straightforward appliances that, with regular maintenance, can last for 14 years or longer.

Can you still cook on a cooktop with cracked glass?

Shattered cooktops happen when heat is trapped between the lid and the glass stovetop, creating a strong vacuum seal that forces the air out and shattering the glass. It’s not just about the temperature change, like when you put an icy freezer meal into a hot oven or a cold glass dish into boiling hot water.

What causes a stove with a glass top to break?

Cooktop glass is susceptible to breakage, just like glass used for other materials. Placing a hot pot or pan on a cold cooktop, for example, or dropping a heavy or sharp object on the cooktop could both cause the glass to shatter. A pot or pan that boils dry can also cause the glass to break or fuse to the cooktop.

Are glass-top stoves prone to breaking?

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Can a cooktop with a cracked glass be fixed?

While you may be tempted to move or drag a hot pan or pot over its smooth surface to a cooler area, doing so may cause it to develop scratches over the cooktop surface. Since a glass gas stove is primarily made of glass, it is very delicate and fragile and is prone to scratches.

What are the drawbacks of a stove with a glass top?

The main causes of cracking can be due to impacts, excessive heat, and rapid temperature changes. If we talk about impacts, they can be caused by heavy objects when dropping or banging. Considering these factors will help you avoid cracking and prolong the life of your cooktop.

What causes a stove with a glass top to break?

Cast iron, stoneware, and other glass or ceramic cookware are the materials that don’t work well on glass top stoves. These are typically rough and can very easily cause scratches, especially when dragged across the smooth surface while full of food.

What causes a stove with a glass top to crack?

A smooth-top stove should last between 13 and 15 years, just like other electric kitchen ranges.

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