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How do I make quesadillas that are crisp?

To make multiple quesadillas, use a pancake griddle or a grill pan. Tortillas burn easily, so you want to fry your quesadillas on medium heat. It takes about a minute to a minute and a half to get each side crispy and golden–and your cheese will be perfectly melted, too.

My quesadillas aren’t crispy; why?

Ironically, the secret to a crispy quesadilla is less fat in the pan, not more. Use just enough fat to coat the bottom of your skillet, about 1/2 teaspoon of butter or oil, and warm it in the skillet over medium to medium-high heat.

How are quesadillas kept warm and crunchy?

Cook’s Notes You will need a little bit more oil if you are using corn tortillas, as they absorb a little bit more than the flour variety. If you are feeding a large group, keep the quesadillas warm in a 300 degree oven on a baking sheet until ready to serve.

Are quesadillas soft or crunchy?

Other than the flavors, you’ve got to pay attention to the mouthfeel: it’s b>crispy then creamy then soft then crispy-crunchy/b>. The quesadilla is crispy on the outside without being hard, and it’s moist on the inside, the melted cheese providing a contrast.

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