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Can Ritz crackers be used in place of saltines in meatloaf?

Ritz crackers taste incredible in this recipe, but feel free to substitute equal amounts of crushed saltines, if desired. Beef meatloaf is incredible, but I promise the flavor is still absolutely phenomenal no matter which type of meat you use.

Can Ritz crackers be added to meatloaf?

Crumbs from Ritz Crackers: Ritz Crackers make the tastiest, most flavorful meatloaf, but you must make sure to crush them into tiny breadcrumbs.

Is it possible to use Ritz crackers as bread crumbs?

Ritz crackers are a great alternative to breadcrumbs and work well in dishes like this as well as meatballs or meatloaf.

To meatloaf, can you add crackers?

Saltine Crackers + Milk The inclusion of crackers and milk in a meatloaf recipe accomplishes two tasks: it binds the meat together and adds moisture, resulting in a tender and juicy meatloaf when finished.

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